Oh My Stars

Oh My Stars Lyrics

Song Oh My Stars
Artist A Weather
Album Cove
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Now I know why
you're floating away
like a white balloon
untied today or last night
I like the sounds
you make when you sleep
like you're eating a meal
grinding your teeth or just breathing
Oh my stars
Crying, "Oh my stars!"
Oh my stars
Can't strangle anyone who has light
in their life
Put your mouth here on my belly
Put your fingers in my hair
After mountains there are valleys
We can fall asleep there
Sometimes it's hard
thinking about how the plans we made
won't happen today or tonight
I'm trying real hard
to not make you feel
like you've done something wrong
by leaving the chips open
(I won't wake you up)
Singing, "Oh my stars"
Oh my stars
Oh my stars
Can't strangle all my friends and their wives
and their sons' wives
Put your neck here on your best friend's
Hold your mouth up to the phone
Use the seatbelt like a bookend
We can sleep when we get home
Oh My Stars Lyrics

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