No Big Hope

No Big Hope Lyrics

Song No Big Hope
Artist A Weather
Album Everyday Balloons
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No big hope.
No big pain.
No big club, that's clobbering your name.
'Cos the world,
is the same.
No big deal.
No great shame.
What gets off, will even out again.
And the joy, will remain.
No more looks
at them girls.
Are you glad that you went back to her,
and she took you, the same?
God has his hands, in every stand of trees that offer shade.
You couldn't love me, with the buzzing that drove bees away.
Will you be alright as a small-bone by the orange walk?
Will it sink in that you're the best idea I've had all day?
And it will,
someday it will,
God-willing it will,
Someday it will,
God-willing, it will.
No great fun.
No big sigh.
No great ideas for how to change your life.
No small feat,
in my shoes.
No big step.
No big sleep.
No great sense
of losing happiness,
when it's already turned.
No big planes
to take you home.
No big trees, to block out all the snow.
And I don't mind the weight.
Come settle near me,
have a drink and maybe throw it up.
Come now, it's not so bad to have to take it nice and slow.
The radiator where you lay, curled up like a fallen hair.
My love a clean stone, like a window with its morning eyes.
And it will,
someday it will.
God-willing, it will.
Someday, it will.
God-willing, it will.
No Big Hope Lyrics
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